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Curves, contours, bumps and pin holes! Attention to details.

Deep “belly” and “arm” contours really make the difference  between a great replica and an average one.   The router bump in the cutaway of my T-style bodies is a subtle feature that is over looked by other makers.  
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Same build methods as used by Fender® in the 50’s and 60’s

So how are my re-pro guitars different than my competitor’s? First off, I don’t just buy finished bodies and necks and throw a quick paint job on them. I use methods of construction that are very similar to what was
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Templates cut from real, original examples of the guitars I’m replicating.

Other manufacturers of bodies and necks claim to have gotten their specs directly from vintage guitars, but I actually used vintage Fender® guitars to cut my templates. For example, my ’56 Strat® template was constructed by  using an original 1956
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Accurate and consistent contours are created by some ingenious machines!

To make sure that the arm and belly contours are accurate to original spec guitars, I designed and created a three axis duplicating router that is better suited to this kind of work than any other routing duplicator on the market.
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