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Curves, contours, bumps and pin holes! Attention to details.

Deep “belly” and “arm” contours really make the difference  between a great replica and an average one.


The router bump in the cutaway of my T-style bodies is a subtle feature that is over looked by other makers.


It’s no secret that paint fades and discolors over the years. Well used vintage guitars faded and discolored more than guitars that were left in their cases. My nitro finishes simulate the fade and discoloration to varying degrees. I determine how much distressing each guitar I build is going to receive before the guitar is ever painted.  Guitars that will eventually be very distressed or aged will have considerably more discoloration incorporated into their finish. Lift the pick guard on one of my replicas and you’ll see what it looks like under a real vintage guitar.


Head stock thicknesses and shapes are another one of my pet peeves! I pay extra attention to maintain the era correct shapes and thicknesses.

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