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Rescue T’s are on the Scene

Introducing the new Coop Rescue – T line of guitars. Rescue T’s are the first models we’ve built with the Rescued Wood we mentioned in another post. These Rescue T-style guitars are built in quantities of twelve with the gnarliest
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Rescued Wood

Rescued Wood– Wood that we source and process from logs to final dimensions for the use in guitar building. Logs that would otherwise end up in landfills are turned into something special!   Our neighbors at the facility where we
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New Standard Model Based On Nick’s Guitar

We were introduced to Nick Jaffe back in 2011. Nick creates awesome you-tube demos under the name JustNickMusic. Nick’s videos range from product demos (musical instrument related) to lessons, to musical collaborations, to interesting subjects of history. For most of
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Coop Guitars’ Headstock

A quick view of the new Coop Headstock design. This shape will be used on all Coop bolt-on guitars and basses.

ContempT Proto-type

This is the proto-type Flagship Coop bolt-on neck guitar. Sapele back with a bent flamed Maple top. This is a thin-line guitar with arm and belly contours. A contemporary thin-line, thus the name ContempT

Demo Videos

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The New Coop Prototype is officially named Coop d’etat!

.    Coop 2 (internal  production name only) specifications: -Swamp Ash body and neck construction  -Neck through design with two way truss rod and reinforcing Carbon bars -No heel designed neck for full access to end of fingerboard -Neck and
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Tree Bar Guitar


Far Cry From A Coop!

Since officially starting this business, I’ve been asked countless times why I chose the name Coop Guitars. Most people that ask about the name simply assume my last is name is Cooper, and that I’ve abbreviated my name to form
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Curves, contours, bumps and pin holes! Attention to details.

Deep “belly” and “arm” contours really make the difference  between a great replica and an average one.   The router bump in the cutaway of my T-style bodies is a subtle feature that is over looked by other makers.  
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Same build methods as used by Fender® in the 50’s and 60’s

So how are my re-pro guitars different than my competitor’s? First off, I don’t just buy finished bodies and necks and throw a quick paint job on them. I use methods of construction that are very similar to what was
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Templates cut from real, original examples of the guitars I’m replicating.

Other manufacturers of bodies and necks claim to have gotten their specs directly from vintage guitars, but I actually used vintage Fender® guitars to cut my templates. For example, my ’56 Strat® template was constructed by  using an original 1956
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Accurate and consistent contours are created by some ingenious machines!

To make sure that the arm and belly contours are accurate to original spec guitars, I designed and created a three axis duplicating router that is better suited to this kind of work than any other routing duplicator on the market.
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