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’62 S-Style Sparkling Burgundy Mist Metallic

’62 S-Style Sparkling Burgundy Mist Metallic

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Product Description

We went all the way on this one!

One of the original ’62s in our collection has an interesting feature that was fairly common at the time. Pick guards  appear off-center on the bottom horn. This off center mounting was as a result of the bodies being cut out on a band saw. The center line of the guitar could  shift slightly one way or the other until the body blank was attached to the template for pin routing. We thought it would be cool to include it on this guitar.

Beautiful, authentic checking, super light action and great tone.

  • Maple C-neck with rosewood fingerboard and clay dots
  • 9.5 inch radius fingerboard
  • Lindy Fralin Vintage Hots Pickups with flat pole pieces
  • Vintage-style tremolo
  • Aged mint green guard
  • Alder body
  • Medium aging
  • Weighs 7.55 pounds
  • New G&G Hardshell case included.


Additional information

Additional Information

Weight 10.89 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 17 × 45 in
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